Real, Affordable Alternatives to the Priciest Blooms

Hello future brides!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

I recently have had a lot of brides asking about flower prices. Which ones are pricey which ones are reasonable? So I have developed a list of a few flowers for your reference. Hope this helps!

Real, Affordable Alternatives to the Priciest Blooms

Splurge: Hydrangea

HydrangeaNothing packs a more colorful punch than the hydrangea, but their costs vary greatly. They are one of the only flowers that are priced based on their color, so while white and light blue hydrangea tend to be more affordable, the more exotic varieties, like deep purple and fuchsia, are a bit harder on the wallet.



Save: Stock

StockConsider the stock flower. It comes in a rainbow of hues ranging from peach to plum to fuchsia. If you trim the green tips and tuck them in, forming giant bunches that resemble that signature pom pom ball shape, no one will be the wiser.



Save: Cockscomb

CockscombThe cockscomb is especially great for fall brides; it gives that fluffy look of hydrangeas without the extra cost for pretty autumnal hues. It has a rich variety of gem tones, with hearty big blooms that substitute perfectly.



Save: Succulent

SucculentAnother option: Try some trendy succulents! They come in all sizes, and in lovely shades of grays, greens, and light purples, perfect for a rustic wedding! Added bonus: You can keep them long after the wedding as quirky mementos that requires little to no watering.



Splurge: Orchid

OrchidThough the orchid’s “rarity” ranges from grocery store potted plants to priceless jungle blooms, there’s one quality that they all share: expensive. Still, the orchid’s exotic, dynamic looks can be found in a few other flowers a fraction of the cost.



Save: Delphinium

DelphiniumDendobrium orchids can be replaced with stems of delphinium, which work perfectly in centerpieces with a modern, bright flair.




Save: Alstroemeria

AlstroemeriaAnd don’t neglect the humble alstroemeria, also called the Peruvian lily. It’s super affordable, bears similar markings to the orchid, and plays beautifully with bigger blooms in bouquets and centerpieces.



Splurge: Peonies

PeoniesPerhaps the most hyped wedding flower of all, the peony has rightfully earned its place, with endless layers of tissue papery petals that scream romance. But for brides who aren’t up for spending major cash, this flower proves to be quite the letdown they run from five dollars each, which really adds up if you have a large bridal party. Here’s a florist’s dirty little secret: The peony is super replicable.


Save: Garden Roses

Garden-RosesGarden roses are the best substitute around for peonies. They have such similar ruffled petals and will fool all but the most flower savvy guests at your wedding! Though garden roses aren’t the cheapest of the peony dupes, they often grow larger than peonies, which mean you can use fewer stems for the same dramatic impact.



Save: Carnations

CarnationsDesign your own peony look [by] clustering several stems of carnations. Blocking the flowers in giant clusters is a super gorgeous and easy way of getting the most bang for your buck.



Save: Ranunculus

RanunculusFor a smaller bloom with the same signature layered texture as the peony, ranunculus is the way to go. Heads up these do not do well in very hot temperatures.




Save: Waxflowers

WaxflowersWaxflowers have similarly-small blooms to lily of the valley. They’re quite the affordable, hardy alternative that works especially well in boutonnieres or as accents in bouquets. Some floral trivia: Waxflowers get their name from the waxy feel of their pet: Calla Lilies.



Splurge: Calla lilies

Calla-liliesWith the trend of forest-tall centerpieces still rampant across many a wedding, it’s no doubt that the long, lean calla lily is in high demand — and at a high price. But the same height and beauty can, too, be reached with some other options.



Save: Tulips

TulipsWhen in doubt (and in lily-related sticker shock), Try a tulip instead. They come in so many different shades, so you’re sure to find one that fits your wedding colors.




I hope this helps in your flower search for your wedding. I am available to all my brides to put the most beautiful reasonable bouquets together.