Vision Boards

Vision Boards

vb01You may be planning a more budget conscious wedding or event and the value in investing in a few hours with a professional to get you started may be all you need. Or you may have hit a road block in your current plans and need some redirection. Taking The Leap offers everything from assistance with finding qualified wedding professionals, great personalized venues, ceremony concerns, family issues, etiquette questions to design ideas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or assistance you may need. It will be with my great pleasure to bring your vision to reality and be a part of your life changing day.

I have made a few vision boards with some of the popular colors for spring 2016. Although I just have a few dates left in 2016 I thought this might be helpful for some brides. Vision boards are always a good way to get your ideas out on paper to see if that is the colors and style you really want. HAPPY PLANNING!



Most brides think red is just for a holiday wedding but actually reds can be used anytime of the year and create an eye-popping event!

I have had many inquires on babies breath (GYPSOPHILA). Babies breath can be beautiful in weddings if done correctly and with style. I bet you didn’t know there are 150 different species of babies breath! Wow huh!? The most common cuts are white however, light pink and rose colors are also available. Some white varieties turn pink if stored in a cooler temperature below 50*. Also, this flower may be dyed or sprayed different colors! Fancinating huh??

Look for your 2017 vision boards coming soon!!

Keli Schoonover
Wedding Planner and Florist
Taking The Leap